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  Corn Basis Continues to Strengthen Into New-Crop Year
  Taunts Overpower Trump, Biden Visions 09/30 06:13
  UN Meeting Concludes With Divisions 09/30 06:23
  Mueller Pushes Back on Criticism 09/30 06:06
  Trump to Proud Boys:Stand Back,Stand By09/30 06:18
  Israel OKs Law to Curb Protests 09/30 06:22
  Azerbaijan, Armenia Decline Peace Talks09/30 06:11
  Japan Military Seeks Record Budget 09/30 06:15
  Wall Street Rallies Wednesday 09/30 15:48
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@S0X 1030'6 7'2
@W0Z 578'0 0'0
@O0Z 284'6 -1'0
MSFT 210.330000 3.070000
WMT 139.910000
XOM 34.330000

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