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  Moving America Forward Act: Another Attempt at Funding US Infrastructure
  Report: Some Reaped Windfall From Virus07/06 06:59
  Israel Launches New Spy Satellite 07/06 06:47
  Egypt Arrests Doctors Over Virus Info 07/06 06:35
  Germany Spent $1B on US Troops Costs 07/06 07:10
  India, China Border Process Under Way 07/06 06:28
  Promise, Pitfalls of Pooled Testing 07/06 07:14
  NASA Delays Mars Rover Launch Again 07/06 07:18
  Wall Street Rises Again 07/06 09:57
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@C0N 346'4 4'0
@S0N 897'0 4'4
@W0N 489'2 -0'6
@O0N 340'0 1'4
MSFT 210.895000 4.635000
WMT 118.685000 - 0.525000
XOM 44.190000 0.110000

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